Swatchcloud is unique.

An Online Visual Material Library. For everyone.

A new way for designers and materials to meet

Say goodbye to heavy outdated catalogues and missing samples!

Features available with Swatchcloud

Designed from the ground up with the design industry in mind


Find what you want by finish, material, color, or any of our growing series of "requirements".

Build a moodboard. Share it.

Use our drag and drop moodboard to generate a PDF. Then share with clients or to social media.

Even if you can't find the right material, you can generate a colour and send requests to suppliers.

Designer to Factory

We're purely a visual library for connecting designers to suppliers.

We provide this service for free, and we don't get involved with your orders.


Registered designers can request specific samples (or a few, to allow for screen variations) and suppliers can review these requests.

No more of those phonebook catalogues which get outdated every year!

Brand agnostic

We are fiercely independent and will never let designers have their choices influenced by commercial factors or advertising.

Device friendly

This platform is mobile friendly, so you can browse materials whilst in a factory, or on site. Your carefully selected moodboard can be pulled on your tablet during a meeting!

What we need from you

We want your support, not your money.


Provide us images of your materials to add to our database, so we can show the world!

ALL rights remain yours, and we will never pass these to anyone.

Have a VIP showroom, with us!

Instead of maintaining your own website catalogue, you can host it with us. We'll even give you a personalised address like "", showing ONLY your products!


Keep us updated with your new materials, and when things are discontinued. We will run a parallel blog so that your updates are also highlighted!

No commission

We will never get involved or ask for commission from your orders. That's not our business.

Samples and follow up

When a designer likes something and requests a sample, we will direct them to you, together with their credentials and project details.

Use us

Play with our interface. We think you'll find some familiar materials as well as some new ideas.

Help us be better

If there is a supplier you normally use, but cannot find, please tell us. We'll get in touch with the supplier get them on board Swatchcloud. It's good for everyone.

Tell us about you

Please register - a supplier is more willing to whisk you their precious samples if they know about you and your project.


Get that beautiful moodboard PDF to your Clients and project team, and say where you found it. Occasionally we'll feature your moodboards together with your project in our social media!


Design Led

The platform is made for design workflow, by designers. We've made sure that the interface is fast, smooth, and doesn't get in the way.


Web Developer Backed

Our team includes world class IT expertise, to ensure a reliable, scaleable platform. It will run smoothly no matter how many samples you host with us.


CCMF Backed

We’ve also won the CCMF grant from Cyberport (, Hong Kong’s leading creative digital community, wholly owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government. That's no mean feat.

Our story

Swatchcloud was born out of problems facing both designers and manufacturers. Both sides were trying to reach each others products and services, yet were slowed by distance, cost and bureaucracy.

Designers, throw away your library of old unused catalogues and reclaim your office! You will soon have a direct line to all your suppliers products. And you no longer have to visit individual websites, everything will be in one place.

Suppliers and manufacturers, you can slice that marketing budget to pieces. You won't have the need to make catalogues and support the postal service! You will also save on costs for updating your website when releasing new materials. Just send us the photos and we'll take care of the rest.

What does it cost?

Absolutely nothing. For now, we have funding to keep ourselves running!
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